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Client Testimonials

"Being a Finance Manager at a high line auto dealership I have customers on a daily basis who get turned down for financing. I have been referring these clients to National Credit Organization and they have proven to me that their system works. All the clients who have taken advantage of their service has come back to thank me for referring them. I highly recommend this company if you have negative items on your credit and are serious about your credit."

Lam T., Finance Director
Houston, Tx

"I was turned down for my home mortgage refinancing. I had heard about credit repair but did not know who to trust. I thought about trying to do it myself but just couldn't dedicate the time needed for this ongoing task. I found out about NCO through our Special Finance Manager at the dealership I sell cars for. I spoke directly with the founder and signed up for their services. Within 7 months I was approved for a lower interest rate on my mortgage. Being a Professional Car Salesman I now refer all my clients to NCO and can speak from my own personal experience. Thank you NCO for your dedication to helping others."

Ken P.
Houston, Tx

"Over the past several years I have ruined my personal credit. I own my own plumbing business and really need good credit to expand my business. Unfortunately, over the past few years my credit has declined rapidly. I take full responsibility for the shape my credit is in but have faith in National Credit Organization. I didn't sign up that long ago but can honestly say that I am impressed with the customer service and the attention they dedicate to my credit file. I have been following their instructions and cannot believe how many deletions I have seen within just 3 months. Keep up the good work and thanks for a job well done in such a short amount of time!"

Charles C.
Tucson, AZ

"When I came to this country I did not realize the importance of good credit, nor did I understand how it can work against you once something appears on your credit reports. I own a cell phone shop and kept getting turned down for credit so I researched and found National Credit Organization. Now that my credit is improving I am able to obtain financing to grow my business. I am amazed by their customer service and commitment to helping others with sincerity. I cannot say enough about how they have assisted me. I strongly recommend this company for those who are really sincere about getting a fresh start with their credit."

Abdul J.
Houston, TX

"My friend introduced me to NCO... At first, I was very skeptical because they promised me that I didn't have to pay tons of money to remove negative accounts from my credit reports and they offered a money back guarantee. My negative accounts on my reports totaled over $20,000 so it just sounded too good to be true. However, my friend told me that NCO took care of his credit history in the past and he believed that I should do the same. So I decided to give him the benefit of doubt. Oh boy, I was glad I did. It has to be the best money that I've ever spent. It's been 6 months and my credit reports have nothing but positive accounts... so far, my credit score went up by 50 points, and I feel like I'm given clean slate. Without exaggeration, I sleep better and I'm more confident because I don't have the feeling of guilt or baggage haunting me from the past. Thank you NCO. I can't appreciate you enough!"

Saori K.
Las Vegas, NV

"My husband and I both signed up for NCO services. We had great credit until the economy collapsed and the value of our rental properties rapidly declined. The current market value is less than half of what we owed the lenders. Since the mortgage companies were not willing to absorb a portion of the loss we made the decision to walk away from our properties. It's just not fair and they left us no choice in the matter. We were referred to NCO by a friend who was ecstatic about their services. Before signing up for their services we were able to discuss our current situation and worked together to achieve a solution to our problem. Not only are they working to improve our credit but they provided us with tips on how to negotiate favorable terms with our current creditors. We were able to settle some large debts on our own for 25% of the balances owed. Thanks again NCO for all you have done thus far and thank you for working diligently on our credit!"

Cindy A., Business Owner
San Jose, CA

"Getting approvals is tough in this economy... I am a realtor and have been referring my clients to National Credit Organization over the past two years. My approval rating has sky rocketed. I was so happy with their services that I recently enrolled myself and my husband in their credit repair program and am certain we will see credit score increases. If you need credit repair you have found the right company. Through my own due diligence I found that they are bonded and registered with Texas Secretary of State and are a leader within the credit repair industry."

Alma P.
Houston, TX

"Being a Financial Planner and Insurance Agent I was in search of a legitimate company who would look out for my clients' best interest and I was fortunate to find National Credit Organization. I am proud to say I am affiliated with this company and will continue to refer those in need of their credit restoration service."

Scott N.
Westminster, CA
Financial Stress and Values

"I never knew I would need the services of a company like National Credit Organization. But life often gives situations contrary to our values. The greatest benefit of their service is to turn it over to them and let them handle it and watch the improvements. I am seeing improvements."

James C.
Brookhaven, MS

"I have signed up for my credit restoration with National Credit Organization over 5 months ago. I have had nothing but great customer service and satisfaction. NCO's staff are always there when I need them. They are efficient and very quick with their responses. Per their request, I have sent every original document I have received in the mail on time, and in return as they promised they have responded to every document and they had over 4 items deleted from my credit report. My credit score has gone up 40-60 points since I started. I am glad that I have signed up and thankful to each and every representative at National Credit Organization for their hard work. I highly recommend NCO for all of your credit restoration needs."

Yamen E.
Irvine, CA

"While reading this, please understand that I am the typical client that needed help with my credit. Divorced, wrecked credit history, and not a whole lot of options. I researched quite a bit of different companies, many touting how easy it is to fix your own credit. All you needed to do was sign over a couple hundred dollars to a random website that had no real live bodies to help you. Needless to say I knew that I would need more help than a 2 page website that promised results if you would commit to a monthly fee. No thank you.
When I found NCO the first and most important detail was that I spoke to an actual person. The first conversations had nothing to do with money, it was to come into the office and evaluate what my options were. I was spoken to in a very professional manner and given special direct attention to my credit. I could tell instantly that I was not seen as a desperate individual that would pay anything to fix my credit.
After going over my options I decided to sign up with NCO, within a couple weeks I actually saw the credit repair in action. Dale and his staff constantly send out queries to the credit agencies and actually fight for you and your credit. I was always kept aware of what stage of the process we were in and how the credit repair was progressing.
The only regret is that I did not contact NCO sooner, I sincerely would recommend them to anyone who is finally serious about cleaning up their credit. I am extremely happy with the results and services they provide."

G. McConnell
Houston, TX

"My wife and I are business owners and we "leaned" on our personal credit to build an online business from $0 to $3 million/year with no outside capital. We succeeded, but our credit scores took a beating. We were in the low 600s and high 500s. National Credit Organization worked persistently and got us up to the mid-700s. We spent hardly any effort, which left us free to keep building our business. We strongly recommend National Credit Organization."

Jim & Madlene M.
San Marino, CA

"I was a victim of identity theft and tried everything I knew to do to get the erroneous items removed from my credit. Nothing seemed to work - a police report, letters to the creditors, letters to the credit reporting agencies, etc., etc., etc. My credit dropped from the 700's to the low 600's. Within 6 months National Credit Organization had gotten all of the erroneous negative items removed and my credit scores are once again above 700 on all 3 credit bureaus! Being a gas station owner I must have good credit and I am thankful that I found National Credit Organization."

Mohammed A.
Houston, TX

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